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About Chile

and its fascinating Easter Island. Halfway between Chile and Tahiti, surrounded by the clearest and deepest waters of the Pacific Ocean, Easter Island is more than 1200 miles from…anything. Known for centuries as the navel of the world, it boasts the world’s most enigmatic archaeological mysteries. Remoteness breeds the unknown, and visitors will find plenty to unravel. Central Holidays’ tailor-created When On Easter Island features a variety of options and additions that cater to all different budgets. Each “When In” includes accommodations per the program, and breakfast daily, as well as sightseeing, excursions, and experiential activities based on the package selected…Travel In Simplicity, Travel In Style, or Travel In Luxury. Here you will delve into the mysterious ancient culture of the island and see firsthand the monolithic Moai statues carved from volcanic rock. Secret caves, primitive rock art and elaborate cult ceremonies are also part of Rapa Nui’s mystique. Mystical and magnetic, this is a once-in-a- lifetime adventure awaiting you!
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